Presented here for your edification and viewing pleasure is the 2012 Southern Oregon Kite Festival program. The original files totaled nearly three quarters of a gigabyte (as FTP’d to our printer), but has been reduced in size to a somewhat petite 12.3 MB.

2012 SOKF Program

,Click here to download!
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As you may or may not note in the ‘credits’, the logo this year is by Ron Despojado of Team Too Much Fun, program design and production was done by Jon Carlson.

So, how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice! How do you get to fly at the SOKF? The SOKF is the largest Invitational Kite Festival in the country. If you’re good, we’ll hear about you. If you’re REAL good, you’ll get invited. You’re always welcome to come, watch and help support the festival (we ALWAYS need volunteers).

See you in Brookings, always the 3rd weekend in July!

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