Here you’ll find post-event reports and photos from the past several years, courtesy of Kitelife Magazine.

2015 news report – Curry Pilot

“There are a couple of basic kites out there considered sport kites,” MacEachern said. “The first, called a quad, looks like a bow tie and has four lines. It can go any direction — forward, backward, or side-to-side. The second is a dual line — with two strings — which can only go forward, not in reverse.”

2010 kiteflier report – Kitelife Magazine

You’re going to a kite festival, except – it’s a bit outa the way!  So there’re two ways to look at it.  Either the trip there is just a Huge Outrageous Hassle… or you’re “On Your Way To Your Next New Adventure!”  And I very much prefer the latter viewpoint.  Gosh – it’s all part and parcel of that kiting philosophy: If it ain’t fun – DON’T DO IT!”

2009 kiteflier report – Kitelife Magazine

The Bay Area Sundowners in all their glory! A dozen-stack of RWB Hyperkites with tails, is impressive all by itself. Put four of them in the air together, flying a routine to patriotic music, and it sends shivers up and down your spine. Yup – they did it again.”

2008 news report – Curry Pilot

“The Brookings Kite Festival was the best ever,” Team iQuad leader John Barresi said. “It wasn’t just the crowd size, or even the crowd’s great attitude, it was also the camaraderie and dynamic at work among the performers.”

2008 kiteflier report – Kitelife Magazine

“Many kite fliers young and old have been schooled at SOKF.  They have had the chance to ask questions and learn techniques from champion fliers that at any other venue would be difficult, or impossible, to approach.”

2007 news report – Curry Pilot

“Despite overcast skies and a few raindrops on Saturday, spectators were entertained by 22 of the top kite flyers in the country from California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado.”

2007 kiteflier report – Kitelife Magazine

“Arnold Stellema was our dutiful announcer. Man, I have to say he was absolutely the best man for the job. He not only makes an event even more exciting to watch for spectators, but he has a wonderful way of presenting each flier and group, plus he was so entertaining and full of kite knowledge.”

2006 news report – Curry Pilot

“The festival drew kite flyers and fans from throughout the country, including from as far away as Colorado and Florida. The format for the festival is not typical of other kite-flier gatherings in that it is not a competition, but rather a friendly show of talent.”

2006 kiteflier report – Kitelife Magazine

“The Bay Area Sundowners made their annual return to Brookings, dazzling the audience with their beautiful stacks of hyperkites. A great performance, mesmorizing even to those that have seen it year after year.”

2005 kiteflier report – Kitelife Magazine

“Rather than fliers being lost amidst the flow of impersonal demos we often see at much larger events, every performance comes off like a singularly unique jewel in a perfect string of gems, each in turn adding to the overall impact of the festival. In that sense, many of us believe that it is the very intimacy of this smaller arena that makes Brookings such a special place to fly.”

2004 kiteflier report – Kitelife Magazine

“The Southern Oregon Kite Festival is the kind of event you look forward to every minute of every day. I don’t think a day goes by during the year that I DON’T think about Brookings. For those of us who fly there, it inspires us, it motivates us, it requires us to give the best of ourselves and to put on the kind of show the people of Brookings deserve. All we can do is hope that they enjoy it and look forward to it with as much enthusiasm as we do.”

2003 news report – Curry Pilot

“I want to thank all the sponsors,” she said. “We will have the 12th annual kite festival next year, but it has grown to the point where it is going to be a committee organization. We were really short-handed for volunteers.”

2003 kiteflier report – Kitelife Magazine

“Kitefliers even get their own parking at this festival… Just back right up to the grass, open the trunk and unload! In the same way, it’s very nice having the spectators right behind it all as they really tend to show their appreciation more directly.”


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